The Factory Party

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Nylon  Magazine (Mexico)




"BIO: Like the final round of a videogame tournament, Computer Club’s music is loud, aggressive and spattered with grimy funk. A tendency toward the heavy, distortion-tinged sound of electro house is well balanced with his penchant for funk-laden interludes amongst the banger blitz.

The Computer Club sound first emerged from the studio of Mike Diasio in 2007 when System Recordings, one of the largest electronic music labels in the United States, tapped him to sign the single “Load Rocket.” The song, one of the first completed by Diasio under the geeky guise, carried Computer Club’s name into both traditional record label outlets and the burgeoning music blogosphere alike – a trend rarely seen in the heavily populated landscape of today’s dance music. Original songs like “Flat Response” and “Laptop Levitation” showcase Computer Club’s highly honed sound design and audio engineering skills, while his remixes of Nine Inch Nails, Prince and New Order illustrate his ability to adapt the best of the big names to the dancefloor.

Along with his impressive studio output, Computer Club is a well-accomplished DJ by any measure. His steady stream of gigs has him traveling to every corner of North America with regular stops in New York City, San Francisco and everywhere in between. From rocking a 30,000-strong crowd at L.A.’s Nocturnal Festival to dropping an intimate set for his former home of Atlanta, Computer Club constantly exhibits his deftness and versatility behind the decks.

While recent releases such as a remix of Mr. Oizo’s “Flat Beat” and his re-working of Konflict’s legendary Drum & Bass anthem “Messiah” with fellow producer/DJ Le Castle Vania have helped propel his name to new heights, Computer Club has started working on his debut album. Tentatively titled “Nerd Secrets,” the full-length promises to showcase a wide swath of musical styles, ranging from dancefloor-filling, hands-in-the-air bangers to straightforward rock songwriting to experimental weirdness.

In addition to his newly-minted Computer Club moniker, Mike continues to push the boundaries of dance music as one third of Evol Intent, a hard-hitting Drum & Bass trio considered by many fans and DJs alike to be the UK-rooted genre’s most talented American group. Initially known as purveyors of the toughest brand of D&B, their debut album “Era of Diversion” exhibits a musical variety influenced by everyone from Radiohead and Aphex Twin to Slayer and N.W.A."

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June 18th
Computer Club @ Noise Thursdays

Rsvp to get in free before 11:30 at clashartwork@gmail.com

Aside from all of that...we ran into him at SXSW while jamming out to The Twelves, and wanted to take a pic with him... so I, a bit hesitant to bother him at first because he's like 10 feet tall with a Mohawk, but I mustered up the courage, tapped on his back (since his shoulder was a bit up high) and he turned around....with a big smile on his face! I asked him to take a pic with me, and then with Gaby and he was SO nice and was like "Sure, no problem!" ...That right there, made me love him just that much more. . . . I'm not a big fan of the cocky, rude, or impolite S.O.B.'s who think they are all high and mighty (..like one who's initials are F.C. and played a sucky-ish set when he recently came to Houston, I was disappointed really =\ ...but yeah...we are excited to see Computer Club here in Houston, so go get your dancing shoes, shine em' and get them ready to go! =P

See us all touristy and stuff?? LOVE IIIIT!!! = P



Friday May 29th

Hercules & Love Affair Dj set & Pat Mahoney DJ set(Lcd Soundystem, DFA) @ Rich's in the Main Room

Art + Party in the Red Room w/ Ceeplus Bad Knives, Damon Allen & GRRRL parts.
Art By: The Death Head, Leosapien & More!

Saturday May 30th

The Juan Mclean (DFA) Feat. Nancy Whang (Lcd Soundsyste, DFA) Live set!

The Field (Sweden)

Houston's Most Hated 1 Year Anniversary party!

$6 presale tickets @ Houstonsmosthated.com
$12-15 day of the event

All AGES!!!


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Noise Thursday @ Escobar
06.11 Steve Aoki (Dim Mak, L.A)
w/ Special guests : GRRRL PARTS ... holla!

RSVP to get in free before 11:30 at clashartwork@gmail.com


About Titts

" From a performance aspect, Tittsworth has continuously dominated decks at a plate-a-minute's pace. Always a crowd pleaser, his diverse sets bend genres seamlessly and energetically. Titts has grossly exceeded promoter expectations from Beijing to Brazil. He's headlined highly successful club openings from Bangkok to Dublin. He remains a favorite in Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and countless cities both large and small. Tittsworth has sold out Sao Paulo, providing some of their best nights to date. Titts is not stranger to festivals. He was a part of Good Vibrations, a 40,000+ traveling Austrailian festival featuring Kanye West, Cypress Hill, The Rapture, Pharoahe Monch, A-trak, Surkin, Sinden, Kid Sister and a myriad other A-list acts. In Geneva he co-headlined a 3 day festival featuring Mr. Scruff, A-trak, Medhi, Boy 8-Bit, Jackbeats and many more. Titts is also no stranger in Asia. He is extremely well received from Singapore to Manila, where he played to 1000+ on a Monday night.
From URB and XLR8R to NME, his production continues to gain high praise. Titts music is a permanent fixture in blogs, charts and the press. Tittsworth has been asked to remix everyone from pop icon Kanye West and disco legend Grace Jones, to DNB frontrunner Subfocus, Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and AC Slater's Party Like Us Records. He has gained critical acclaim from Interscope Records, who personally invited him to Will.I.am's house to showcase well-received Titts tracks.
"12 Steps," Tittsworth's debut album was recently released on Plant Music (co-owned and released by Stretch Armstrong, the man responsible for breaking many greats, including The Wu Tang Clan, and Dominique Keegan of The Glass). The first of its kind album features original Tittsworth production through unique collaborations with various A-list vocalists such as blog buzzers Kid Sister and hyphy vets The Federation to chart toppers like Nina Sky and Pitbull. Even before its release, "12 Steps" received high praise from Billboard, URB, Fader, Kiss, Radio 1, Entertainment Times and many more. The album continues to have both originals and remixes on Ministry Of Sound Radio, Kiss FM (London), Radio One and more. "

06.04 Tittsworth (DC)
Noise Thursdays @ Escobar

RSVP to get in free before 11:30 at clashartwork@gmail.com



Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
Can't wait!
So far, we know that there's going to be: The Rapture DJ Set, Hot Pink Delorean, 2020 Soundsystem, Drop The Lime + more TBA!!!! Also including over 30 local & regional acts that will rock your socks off!! [click on "Texas Heat" to get on the e-mail list]


Juicy fresh party

Get on the guest list ! First come, first serve!

Houston Press Music Awards 09


Thanks to everyone who voted and congrats to all the nominees!

" BEST DJ" Ceeplus Bad Knives, Dj Sun, GRRRL parts, Squincy Jones & Dayta, Dave Wrangler.

GRRRL parts would like to thank all our friends and family for voting for us and getting us nominated under "BEST DJ". Thanks to everyone for your support Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! and congrats to our homies Ceeplus Bad Knives, Squincy & Dayta!


Tommie Sunshine

TOMMIE SUNSHINE tomorrow night @ Noise Thursdays @ Escobar
18+ welcome!!
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"Fischerspooner is an art pop performance project created and helmed by Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner that makes music, dance, fashion, film and photography. Their work fuses fine art and pop culture, as in their renowned outsider pop shows bursting with stage effects presented in both art galleries and traditional concert halls. Their full-length albums of music include 1, a punked-up digital party record trussed with conceptual lyrics; and Odyssey, a rich emotional fantasia with a deep, expansive sound. Fischerspooner’s third album Entertainment, a sophisticated pop epic bubbling with hooks, releases in May, 2009. Fischer and Spooner met at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where they collaborated on performance art pieces. Years later in New York, Warren was starting his career as a commercial director and Casey was ready to move .. a nine-year tenure with the experimental theatre company Doorika; both were looking for a new creative outlet. Eager to rekindle their collaboration, they attempted a TV pilot but became more interested in the digital soundtrack Warren had composed for the show..." http://myspace.com/fischerspooner
Do not miss Fischerspooner tonight @ House of Blues.
After party @ Boondocks!


Make some NOISE!

Noise Thursdays at Escobar
Feat. Lazaro Casanova & guests GRRRL Parts
More photos go to our MYSPACE page
Thanks Houston !!