Jd Samson Of Le Tigre

" JD SAMSON is one-third of the electronic feminist punk band and performance project, Le Tigre. In 2007, MEN was begun as the DJ team of JD Samson and Johanna Fateman of the band Le Tigre. At the same time, JD became involved in another project, Hirsute, featuring Michael O'Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi formerly of the New York indie-pop group The Ballet, and artist/writer Emily Roysdon. In 2008, MEN continued to tour as DJs, while Hirsute continued to write songs and create a live performance. Eventually, Johanna decided to take a break from the touring life, and the two projects merged to become one. MEN became a band focusing on the energy of live performance and the radical potential of dance music, with lyrics speaking to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise and demanding liberties.In addition, JD SAMSON played keyboards and sampler with Peaches on her "Impeach My Bush" world tour, and has DJ'ed internationally since 2001 throughout several different party scenes. JD SAMSON has also created the 2003 Calendar entitled “JD's Lesbian Calendar,” as well as “JD's Lesbian Utopia 2006,” which launched at Deitch Projects Gallery in New York City in the fall of 2005.JD SAMSON is currently touring as a DJ solo, “Creating space for rad people to dance and smile and hold each other.”
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Jd Samson of Le Tigre & Men
w/ GRRRL Parts @ Escobar!

$2 Wells & $2 Lone Stars till 12

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Something New... Something Fresh!


GRRRL Parts & Dayta have joined forces in creating a new monthly dance party every 1st Saturday of the month @ Zeppelin (which, btw, is under new & cooler management & staff). So...you know how the parties thrown by GRRRL Parts & by Dayta are almost always waaaay f'in awesome? Now, imagine those parties COMBINED!!!! Yep!!! So now get ready, and come out and get sweaty on the dance floor as these 2 will be bumpin beats that'll be makin your asses move like how they always do.Also, be tuned in as special guest DJs will be brought on every month to add a little somethin somethin 'fresh' to each party.Somethin new....somethin fresh...GET FRESH!!!!

Every 1st Saturday of the month...starting Aug 1st @ Zeppelin Bar

August's special guests:MODERN TOUCH djs(moderntouchdjs.com)+ Resident Djs / HostsDayta & GRRRL Parts

21+ free b4 11 p.m & $3 after

$3 wells & $4 jagers all night!