12/30 New Years Eve Eve w/Designer Drugs at Boondocks

DATAMIX (MIXS) by Designer Drugs Official

REMIXES by Designer Drugs Official

HARDCORE / SOFTCORE (ALBUM 1) by Designer Drugs Official


WOW! Well after the most ballin birthday party EVER, Haters is already cooking up an action-packed night for our December 29th Haters!!

Its THURSDAY NIGHT FEVER!! The Original Disco Dance Night! Come out dressed in your most classic polyesters and high-heels. Moustaches and martinis highly encouraged! We're busting out the disco ball and all the classic tunes, so get ready to swing HARD!

Thursday, December 29th!

with your Haters Make us Famous selectors:
Damon Allen, GRRRL Parts & Angie Audio!


12/08 Haters Make Us FAMOUS - 2 Year Party!!! at Boondocks

THATS RIGHT YALL! Haters is 2 whole years old! Thats soo oooold! ANyway, now that Haters is all grown up, its time to party like an adult. And that means even more ragin tunes, harder drinks and hotter babes than before! Haters Make Us FAMOUS is the most hardcore dance night in the Dirty Trose and we aim to keep it that way for a long, long time. Come experience the magic, the excitement, and the glory of 2 years of Haters goodness!!!!!! Thursday, December 8th! with your Haters Make us Famous selectors: Damon Allen, GRRRL Parts & Angie Audio!

Discotheque "Thanksgiving Eve" - Pics

Click here for more photos.

Trashed w/Gosteffects (NYC) - Pics!

Click here for more photos.

Haters Wild & Crazy Thanksgiving - Pics!

Click here for more photos.


11/24 Haters Wild N Crazy!

It's that time of year again! Time to give thanks to the party Gods for a good season of HARD-RAGING PARTYING! As always its COWBOYS vs INDIANS! Dress up like your favorite and we'll see who wins! Also, Haters crew will have some delicious Thanksgiving treats to give away, PLUS FREE beers like always! Lets do this!!!!!

" 11/19 Gosteffects (NYC) at Boondocks"



11/04 Le Castle Vania (Always Never) at Rich's

Insomniac and Rich's present :: Le Castle Vania at Rich's! :: STEREO FRIDAY 11/04

Discount $10 tickets can be purchased here!

Le Castle Vania [ Always Never / So Sweet // Atlanta, GA ]


Awake by Le Castle Vania

RootMusic BandPage by Le Castle Vania

11/02 DISCOTHÈQUE de los Muertos

Nov, Wednesday 2nd!

Awesome prizes for the Dia de los Muertos face painting contest!!

1ST PLACE: a one-of-a-kind hand painted Dia de los Muertos incense burner bottle, a $30 bar tab and a Dance Mofo, Dance t-shirt
2ND PLACE: a $20 bar tab & a Dance Mofo, Dance t-shirt
3RD PLACE: a Dance Mofo, Dance t-shirt

Great tunes, Great Vibes and Cheap drinks all night!!!
w/GRRRL Parts and special guest Disco Daddies!!!

9PM-11PM! $1 Wells $1 Wells $1 Wells

9PM-2AM! $2 Kamikazes $2 Bombshell Blonde draft pints $2 Lone Stars

No Cover 21+
ETRO LOUNGE 1424 A Westheimer (behind Anvil/across the street from Boondocks)

Presented by: DANCE MOFO, DANCE DISCOTHÈQUE Wednesdays!!! Indie Dance/Electro/Nu Disco/French House/Disco/80's RMXS

Black Matter - Pressure

Happy Halloween!!! In the spirit of the holiday, Black Matter (SEXCULT-NYC) have decided to give out his new first original track for free!! BLACK MATTER - Pressure by BLACK MATTER



Get your best Halloween costume on for our Haters Costume Contest. Come listen to the new Justice album, Audio Video Disco and if you're going to check out Ghostland Observatory, come rock out afterwards at the wildest Haters of the year! This Halloween is gonna be NUTS!


10/22 U-TERN (Vancouver) @ Boondocks

U-Tern (one half of Oliver/One Day Later Radio/Pulse Recordings-Vancouver)
Garnering universal respect from peers is not common for DJs-come-producers. U-Tern somehow managed it, and a reputation is steadily building for this humble Vancouverite. Spreading his obvious infatuation for all things music through his blog and weekly radio show, U-Tern is one of those individuals whose passion and drive are enviable. All that is secondary though: immaculate, charming disco-funk tracks are the standout here. U-Tern’s use of real instruments and his exceptional production chops translate into truly authentic pieces of music striking that balance between nostalgia and the 21st century." - URB Magazine

One Day Later Radio - 76 (October 2011) (Drive) by U-Tern

10/21 Midnight Conspiracy @ Antique Bar

Discord by Midnight Conspiracy

Midnight Conspiracy Tracks by Midnight Conspiracy


10/15 Beataucue (Kitsune-France) @ Boondocks

Saturday, October 15th!
Dance Mofo Dance

" BLACK PARTY" dress up. dress down, just wear ALL BLACK.

•Beataucue (Kitsune-France)
Their original tracks an remixes have quickly gained fame after being spun worldwide by Armand Van Helden, AutoKratz, Boys Noize, Dada Life, Diplo, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki and many more. Beataucue released their debut EP on famed French label Kitsune in January. BeatauCue are one of 24 artists performing at the fourth annual HARD Haunted Mansion at the Shrine Expo Hall in downtown Los Angeles, October 2011.

With opening sets by:
•GRRRL Parts (Dance Mofo Dance, HMUF)
•DJ HYRO (Red Room Rich's)
•APE DRUMS ( Sneakerz MUZIK / South Records / Tune Records / Club Cartel Records / Cherry Drop Records)

Boondocks | 1417 Westheimer | Houston, TX

BeatauCue North American Tour 2011 Mixtape by BeatauCue
BeatauCue : Summer Best of by BeatauCue


8/25 Haters Make Us FAMOUS - RAGE FEST

Haters Make Us FAMOUS > RAGEFEST 2011!!
Thursday, August 25th!

AWWW HELLS YEAH!! School starts next week! Thats right, Haters is gonna be schoolin' fools in the fine art of RAGING ALL NIGHT LONG!! Besides, everyone knows that school doesn't get serious until halfway through the semester, SO come RAGE IT UP at the WILDEST party in Houston!!

with your Haters Make us Famous selectors:
Damon Allen, GRRRL Parts & Angie Audio!

8/20 CLASSIXX in Houston, TX!

Favorites by Classixx



GO GO BIZKITT (Edinburgh, Scotland/Stardust Records]

Go Go Bizkitt! is the Disco-House alias of Tom Nelson and since the start of the project in January 2010 the Edinburgh born producer has gone from strength to strength bringing his unique flavour of random disco cuts & French Touch to the dance floors of the world. He is part of the new generation of disco house producers that are bringing a sugar rush to funky music with big basslines, frantic sampling & a hell of a lot of fun for the floors.
Go Go has been playing live performances from Hollywood to Sydney & a whole lot in-between with the likes of fantastic acts such as The Twelves & Cyberpunkers.

Hey Booyah!(snip) by Go Go Bizkitt!

"Just For You!" Mixtape! by Go Go Bizkitt!

"Having a dance before going to Koko" minimix by Go Go Bizkitt!

Miami Horror - I look to you (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Cookeez! by Go Go Bizkitt!

The StutterFunk EP by Go Go Bizkitt!

08/11 Haters Make Us FAMOUS > WIG OUT!

Thursday, August 11th!
Haters Make Us FAMOUS!!! > WIG OUT! at Boondocks

Its almost the end of a CRAZY-FUN summer yall! And thats why its time for WIG OUT! at Boondocks! Its gonna be HOT, its gonna be WILD and we're all gonna be WIGGIN OUT!!!! Grab your favorite wig and come RAGE IT UPP one last time at the craziest party in H-town!

with your Haters Make us Famous selectors:
Damon Allen, GRRRL Parts & Angie Audio!

No Smurfin' Way! (Dandee Warhol's 1st solo show!)

Come see and experience “No Smurfin’ Way,” Dandee Warhol’s first ever solo art exhibition this summer! Increasingly gaining recognition as a gallery owner, Houston-based artist, Dandee Warhol, has submerged himself in The Smurf’s world for nearly a year and is now finally ready to showcase his first solo art project to the public! It is through the nostalgic blue Smurfs that Dandee aims to bring us back to our childhood in an ev...ent that is FREE and fit for the whole family. Everyone, young and the forever young at heart, are invited to enjoy this memorable trip back in time – we guarantee you won’t leave without a reminiscing smile! “No Smurfin Way” is set to exhibit on Sunday August 7, 2011 from 3-7 pm at War’Hous Visual Studios. So bring your friends and family for a Sunday Funday with Dandee Warhol and the Smurfs! For more information about the exhibition, please visit www.dandee2k.com and www.warhous.com


War'Hous Visual Studios
Hello Bento
Little Soya
Obsidian Stark
Vitamin Water

Family-friendly FREE event!


Haters Make Us FAMOUS - > Surrender Yer Booty Pirate Party Pics!

YAARRGG MATEYS!! Surrender Yer Booty Pirate Party was off the HOOK! See for yer self! We had gnarly tunes, hot babes and tons of free beer and shots flowing all over the place! YAAARGG!!! Its Haters Make Us FAMOUS!! Come experience the hottest and wildest party in Houston! Every second and last Thursday, only at Boondocks!!!!

Next Haters is July 28th!!!!!!


Saturday, July 23rd at Boondocks!!
TRASHED with MR. WHITE (DIM MAK/LA), GRRRL Parts, Best Legs and DJ HYRO!
FREE before 11pm!

Deadmau5- Sofi Needs A Ladder - DJ Mr. White Remix by DJMrWhite

Nicole Scherzinger-Don't Hold Your Breath (DJ Mr. White Remix) by DJMrWhite

The Knux-She's So Up (DJ Mr. White's Fire Chant Remix) Vocal version by DJMrWhite

Vandalism & Dwight the Young One-Rockin' (In The Place) - DJ Mr. White Remix by DJMrWhite

Atari Teenage Riot-Activate! (DJ Mr. White Remix) by DJMrWhite

PeaceTreaty - Change (DJ Mr. White Remix)- FINAL by DJMrWhite

La Roux - In For The Kill - DJ Mr. White Remix - Main - Final Master 1 by DJMrWhite

7/22 GLASNOST - Houston Valis Video Release Party

GLASNOST - Houston Valis Video Release Party

Friday, July 22nd at Main Stage


Haters Make Us FAMOUS- ROBOCOP & UNICORN pics!

WOOOOOO!!! Thanks to all the crazy party people that came out, THIS Haters was hotter and wilder than the rest!!! Its summer-time and people were obviously ready to party HARD! The pictures speak for themselves actually, this Haters Make Us FAMOUS was TOTAL MAYHEM!!!! The Haters Crew is soo stoked that there are people all over the city that like to rage it as hard as we do, and thats why Haters keeps getting crazier and crazier!!!! Every second and last Thursday of the month, we get WILD!!


Join us next time on July 14th Haters Make Us FAMOUS!!! > Surrender Yer Booty Pirate Party only at Boondocks!!!


Haters Make Us Famous -T.G.I.T pics!

Summer is heating up and Haters is hotter than ever!!!!!

Remember Haters is every second and last Thursday of the month, only at Boondocks. Don’t miss our next party, June 30th, so come rage it up with Haters Make Us FAMOUS!!!!!

Remember to bring some cash, we're gonna have a new stash of Haters T's and TANK TOPSl!!


The Death Set- Coming to get us (Designer Drugs RMX)

The Death Set - Comin to get us (Designer Drugs Remix) by Designer Drugs Official

Just For You! Mixtape by GO GO BIZKITT!

"Just For You!" Mixtape! by Go Go Bizkitt!

1: Intro
2:Piere de la touché – song of the sirens( Louis La Roche Remix)
3:Breakbot – Fantasy
4:J Paul Getto – Destination
5:Kartell – Glitchy Disco
6:Neighbour- Toute Freak ( DCUP Remix)
7:Mobroder –feat: Amanda Blank – Love Duet (Shazam Remix)
8:Chromeo – Hot Mess ( Accapella)
9:Puzique – Don’t Go
10:Modeselektor – Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)
11:Jinder – Youth Blood
12: Juan Atkins- Dayshift (Oliver’s Nightshift Remix)
13:Flight Facilities- Crave You ( Accapella)
14:Breakbot – Baby im yours (Instrumental)
15:Jam Xpress – Gotcha Feelin feat:DD ( Lifelike Remix)
16:Funkabit – She ( Justin Faust Remix)
17:Geisha Twins – Some call it funky
18:Anthony Louis & Alain Diamond – Disco Champagne
19: Nightriders- Hey
20:La Roux – Bulletproof (Accapella)
21: Attack Yourself- Power Moves
22:Kurtis Blow – The Breaks
23:J Paul Getto – Space Disco
24:Las K – Nothing Serious( Alex Herrera Remix)
25:Jupiter – Mama used to say (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
26:Hatiras- Mmhmm
27:Jump Jump Dance Dance – Show me the night(Grum Remix)
28:Raziek- Killer
29:HMA – Clubs
30:The Phantom’s Revenge – Toasted
31:Aniki – Hausbraak
32:Hypster – Neon Teens
33: Outro


Creme de la Creme: Treasure Fingers

06/02 Creme de La Creme (Houston show) w/Treasure Fingers, GRRRL Parts, Glasnost DJs & DJ Dan Knee @ Bronze Peacock Room (HOB).

Pictures are up on facebook! [Photos]

06/15 Discothèque 'GRAND OPENING'!!

Dance Mofo Dance presents: Discothèque 'GRAND OPENING'

GRAND OPENING ON JUNE 15th w/$1 wells from 10-11!!! & $2 Bombshell Blonde drafts/$2 Red Snapper shots (crown) all night!!

DJ sets by GRRRRL Parts & rotating special guests!!

special guest: Kiyoshi

Electro, Inide Dance, Nu Disco, Dance Rock, French House, Dreamwave, 80's Remixes, Electroclash & more!

Big projector screen displaying a variety of artsy fartsy films, music videos & cult classics!

06/11 Le Castle Vania @ Orbit Room

Solar Element & Neuro Shock Presents:
Le Castle Vania
Saturday June 11, 2011 @ The Orbit Room
2524 McKinney 77003
17+ / 21+ to drink ID IS NEEDED!
Cover: $10 Presale $15 Before 11PM

StereoHeroes - Wild Child (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Out Now!** by Le Castle Vania

DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club's Summer Bootleg Mix) by Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania - Nobody Gets Out Alive by Le Castle Vania

Mixtapes by Le Castle Vania

06/09 Haters Make Us FAMOUS - T.G.I Thursdays!

This Thursday, JUNE 9th!
Haters Make Us FAMOUS - T.G.I. THURSDAYS!!!!!!!

Its Thursday once again and we're gonna kick it with some wholesome goodtimes just like we always do. Great tunes, cheap drinks, some free beer giveaways and MORE! Come rage it up with the one and only Haters Make Us FAMOUS!

with your Haters Make us Famous selectors:
Damon Allen, GRRRL Parts & Angie Audio!


Aeroplane May 2011 Mix

Aeroplane May 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

Tracklist :

1. ESG - What she came for
2. Michael King - Plum Bobb
3. Microsolco - A lion love
4. Hot Toddy & Danielle Moore - Won't let go
5. Heiko Laux & Teo Schulte - Sound hug ( Daniel Bortz remix )
6. Silver Disco - Rock on
7. 6th Borough Project - Sometimes the fool
8. Mitzi - All I heard ( Bonar Bradberry remix )
9. Electric City - Electric City All Night ( Kolombo remix )
10. Tad Wily - Lonely night
11. Chris Malinchak - The fourth
12. Munk - La musica ( DJ Steef bootleg remix )


06/03 Black Matter (Sex Cult/NYC)

Fri, June 3Rd!
BLACK MATTER aka Jesse Jamz (Sex Cult Records/NYC)

After being initiated as Sex Cult's first member, BLACK MATTER opens the door to a new era of dance music. At the dawn of 2011, he combines multiple dance genres to create a sound that is undeniably catchy. He sips moscato, eats birds' blood, and smokes the future. His swag is always turned on, and when you see him perform you will understand…




Trashed! w/Crystal Vision - The Recap

Pictures from Trashed w/Crystal Vision are Up! [photos]

Come party with us next time on June 3rd at Trashed w/Black Matter (Jesse Jamz) at Boondocks!!!!

Totally Awesome 80's party - the recap

Holey shnikeys! Haters Make Us FAMOUS – Totally Awesome 80’s Party was in fact TOTALLY AWESOME!! We want to thanks everyone for putting on their 80’s best and coming out to kick some old school jams with us! It was a crazy celebration with free beers flowing, crazy tunes blowin up the speakers and short shorts ridin up, OHHHHH YEAAAHHHH!!!!

A party this hot and wild could only be Haters Make Us FAMOUS at Boondocks. Its always 18 and up, every second and last Thursday of the month, and ALWAYS a good time! Come party with us next time on May 27Th!!!! At Haters Make Us FAMOUS!!!!

Pictures from Haters Make Us Famous "Totally awesome 80's party" are up! [photos]

06/02 Treasure Fingers!

We're excited to announce that Treasure Fingers will be headlining Creme de la Creme event in Houston next month! His smooth mix of disco classics, club-forged breaks and blistering bass lines caught the ears of A-Trak in 2008 and was signed instantly to Fools Gold Records. Since then Treasure Fingers has remixed, mixed, and been remixed by the likes of Chromeo, Miami Horror, Miike Snow and Empire of the Sun. Opening sets by GRRRL PARTS, Glasnost (DJ set) + more special guests TBA.

18+ $5 at the Door
21+ Free with RSVP


Cassian & Light Year (Bang Gang 12/Australia)

Friday, May 20Th

CASSIAN AND LIGHT YEAR (Bang Gang 12/Australia) at Mangos Montrose

Time to show them Aussies just how big we can do things in Texas.

Opening sets by A&A, GRRRL Parts and Invisible friends!


Feadz - Dial a Tool (Light Year Remix) by Light Year

USA Vacation Mix by Light Year

RAWWWR! Dance Party!

Raaaawr! dance party at The Backroom Mink

electro _ indie dance _ nu disco _ electro house _ tech house _ dubstep _ & more

come get earfucked by:

GRRRL Parts (Haters Make us Famous/Trashed)


DAMON ALLEN (Haters Make us Famous)