No Smurfin' Way! (Dandee Warhol's 1st solo show!)

Come see and experience “No Smurfin’ Way,” Dandee Warhol’s first ever solo art exhibition this summer! Increasingly gaining recognition as a gallery owner, Houston-based artist, Dandee Warhol, has submerged himself in The Smurf’s world for nearly a year and is now finally ready to showcase his first solo art project to the public! It is through the nostalgic blue Smurfs that Dandee aims to bring us back to our childhood in an ev...ent that is FREE and fit for the whole family. Everyone, young and the forever young at heart, are invited to enjoy this memorable trip back in time – we guarantee you won’t leave without a reminiscing smile! “No Smurfin Way” is set to exhibit on Sunday August 7, 2011 from 3-7 pm at War’Hous Visual Studios. So bring your friends and family for a Sunday Funday with Dandee Warhol and the Smurfs! For more information about the exhibition, please visit www.dandee2k.com and www.warhous.com


War'Hous Visual Studios
Hello Bento
Little Soya
Obsidian Stark
Vitamin Water

Family-friendly FREE event!