GRRRL Parts is Gab-E and Natasha Ninjason partners in life as well as on the decks. Gab-E was the sole DJ of CLASH! and Natasha Ninjason was the host/promoter/photographer of the new dance night the two created to add a new fun night to fellow Houstonians. In July '08, GRRRL Parts was born after Gab-E took Natasha under her wing in becoming the DJ duo.Gab-E and Natasha Ninjason grew up listening to Classic Rock such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Hip Hop such as Public Enemy, Run DMC, and Snoop Dog and when the rave scene started blowing up in Houston, their new found appreciation for dance music was spawned. Dancing all night to such world renowned DJs such as Bad Boy Bill, Armand van Helden, Richard Humpty Vission, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Felix Da Housecat and others, their love for House and Electronic music grew fonder. Since then, their love has fallen mostly into the Electro, Indie and Ghettotech genres, and have found what they ultimately love to jam out and dance to. Being considered the "newbies of the scene", these two have only been DJing, promoting and throwing dance parties for almost 2 years now, with only the last 6 months doing this as GRRRL Parts. These 2 have found a surprising fan base in such a short amount of time, sharing the love for music that has somewhat been forgotten as well as intoducing and sharing new tracks from their favorite DJs. They have bulit a kinship with the acclaimed Boys & Girls Club DJs, and other top local DJs such as Ceeplus Bad Knives, Shoe & Michael (Danceparc), Michele & Jeffery Mac (Hard Candy), Gracie Chavez, Dayta and Squincy Jones (Rockboxx/Speakerboxx) and have also shared the decks and dance floor with them as well as with other DJs such as BUL!M!ATRON (LA), Joshua Distance (ATX,OKC), Kid Indie (NYC) , The Chimney Climbers (SWEDEN/ LA) and more. GRRRL Parts is proud to be able to provide awesome beats and bring parties to those in Houston for the sole purpose of jamming out, danicing and having a good time. They are also honored to have been able to have shared the decks with the above mentioned and will be looking forward to continually bring all the locals as well as out of Houston DJs together for this sole purpose.Be on the look out for these girls, as their next step in the music world will be to remix as well as produce thier own tracks with sick beats to bring even more music out to the dance floor to shake peoples booties too