April 10th @ The Mink/The Backroom

JOHN BOURKE ([ Electro House ])
of Trash Yourself Dance Robots Dance
Oklahoma City, OK

"John Bourke.s production work has been contracted out for movies such as the Matrix Trilogy, video games for PS2 and Xbox, television programs, such as for MTV Networks, and the co production of Shiny Toy Guns.s .Photograph.. Bourke is the beat maker behind Trash Yourself, which has been exploding in the blogosphere over the last few months. Trash Yourself is currently working on new tracks with Richard Humpty Vission, Treasure Fingers, Ultra Violet Sound, and The Toxic Avenger. On the forefront of innovative dance music, Trash Yourself is set out to push the envelope and is quickly gaining support from the world's top DJs. Their recent tour schedule has put them on the international stage with dates in Mexico and Portugal where they opened up for Ladytron at the Beat It Festival. Full of sexual references and and overdriven basslines, Trash Yourself is putting out music that'll get you sweaty and wet. Expect nothing less than a fire on the dance floor"

Richard Gear (Wild Life, ATX)

W/ special guests:
Ceeplus Bad Knives (Reprogram Multimedia)
Damon Allen (Noise)
FREDster ( F the scene)
Johnny Moon

And your Residents: