Unbelievable Portrait Tattoo Artist - Tom Renshaw

This guy is AMAZING!!! Seriously though...like draw dropping-ly AAAMAZING!! He's been tattooing for like 15 years and unfortunately lives all the way over in Michigan =( ... so whenever I have won the lottery, I will fly over there just to get a piece done by him. No, but seriously, I would like to start saving so that maybe sometime in the near future, I really can go over yonder to get some work done by him...THAT'S how bad to the bone he is.... He's won over 400 awards and has been featured in hundreds of mags for his mad skills, just check him out, I'm sure you will be amazed as well. It's like, "How the hell does he tattoo so bad ass-ly? I simply just can't comprehend it." ... I think it just may be because he tattoos as though he is sketching...he doesn't use a lot of heavy black outlining either which I LOVE. It's just so bad ass. He is officially a ninja in my book. Hardcore ninja. The pics I have included so you can get a small crumb taste, are a few of the works of Tom Renshaw, but I highly recommend you go to his site by clicking the link so you can see better pieces and better quality images as well...you will not regret it. GO NOW!!!