Midnight Conspiracy (Chicago)

Midnight Conspiracy have surpassed the label of “up-and-coming”, and have established themselves as relevant contributors to remix artistry.” – Aux.tv

“Fast becoming one of the most coveted remix groups around.” – The Mahagony Blog

“[Their] multifaceted approach to club culture has caught the eyes and ears of Chicagoʼs college-
age masses—no small feat.” – Time Out Chicago

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Not much is known about Midnight Conspiracy. It’s an organization whose composition and structure are shrouded in secrecy with an agenda known only to its members. The only public evidence of their operation can be seen from their darkly clad agents touring to incite riots on dance floors, spread propaganda on the streets and promote a revolution, which is unknown to the public consciousness.

Clues about The Conspiracy can be revealed through their carefully crafted musical announcements intended to send cryptic messages to its members. The first of these musical announcements made waves on the scene back in January of 2010 when Midnight Conspiracy released their debut remix of Chromeo’s “Night By Night”. The track went on to hit #2 on the Hype Machine charts and since then they’ve released a dozen tracks, hit the Hype Machine’s Top 5 four more times, had a remix on BBC Radio 1 on the Kissy Sell Out Show, an official Crystal Castles remix featured for that band’s HARD Summer Tour, a Beatport featured exclusive on Red Bull Records and somehow managed to tour over 50 cities in 2 continents, create their Dead Fame clothing line and leave street art along their tour path -- all in their first year of existence.

With already confirmed bookings at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, and a set of dark heavy new originals in the pipeline, 2011 is poised to be a breakout year for the propagation of Midnight Conspiracy’s agenda.

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