LA RIOTS & MSTRKRFT in H-Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAN OH MAN!!!!!!
These guys f*in rock so hard!!!!!
ALP & JFK from MSTRKRFT along side DANIEL LEDISKO from LA RIOTS tore it up with a special appearance at Boondocks after their show at Warehouse Live. We didn't get to see their show but we were hella suprised to catch them at Boondocks tearin up the tables...it was SOOOOO GREAT!!!! Unfortunately, there aren't that many people in Houston who know and appreciate them and weren't there to dance their asses off to their most awesomeness set... sucks for those who missed it....that unforgettable moment.... many thanks to them and for the B&G crew and Shawn for bringing their talent back to Boons so we could experience it too!! HIGH FIVE!!!!