Saturday oct 4th - EYESORE art show!

"Aerosol Warfare is a local collective of Aerosol artist helping its medium to get recognized as the art form it is. The group has worked with the Museum of Fine Arts in community outreach programs that bring art to inner city youth. In over 20 years, it has not only exhibited and performed locally & nationally, but also in Europe and Asia. Aerosol Warfare's list of achievements includes opening its own gallery, producing a video series, establishing a Houston Wall Of Fame (the city's largest art production of its kind) and working with top brands like Converse, Red Bull, Coca Cola and Nissan on advertising campaigns that speak to urban communities. The social contributions and creative energy of Aerosol Warfare are inspiring."

...in other words, these guys are f*in awesome and you people should check it out mmmkay? Artists & Djs frequently show their art & music here so come hang out and see, buy, jam, drink and socialize!!!!!!!!!!