Post SXSW party - The New Music Times (Concert Series) + ART!

DANCE Mofo, Dance presents:
Post SXSW party
03/22 @ Walters on Washington
" The New Music Times "
(Concert Series + Art Show)
*** Bringing you new worthy bands from different cities***

Series No. 1 Lineup:

Class Actress is: Guilty Pleasure. NSA dance music. Casual Encounters. Stalker Pop. "Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as played on KTU Radio in the leather backseat of a cab". Class Actress is not: Acting Class.
“Unabashedly slick electro-pop beats juxtaposed with coy, romantically depressed vocals courtesy of star-in-the-making Elizabeth Harper.” –New York Magazine (Cover Story) Brooklyn’s Sonic Boom – The 40 Songs That Define the Sound
“sweetly spectral vocals over lush ’80s synths and beats.” – NYLON


SAVOIR ADORE: (Brooklyn)
Savoir Adore create "Fantasy Rock" that recalls the finest moments of indie-pop of the 80's, 90's and 00's while at the same time remaining unique and fresh. They will be touring the North-East to promote their LP, In The Wooded Forrest, released in August on Cantora Records (former MGMT, Violens, Francis and the Lights).

Recently played with: Bear Hands, Francis & The Lights, Phantogram


MON KHMER: (Brooklyn)
"Mon Khmer's songs feel heavy and dense, but in the best possible way - you can pick up something different with each listen. Lots of influences are at work, swirling together into a mass of current trends and classic indie-rock tradition, making for something you can really sink your teeth into. Yet another Brooklyn to watch out for." - L Magazine

Recently played with: Micachu & The Shapes, Dragons of Zynth, Rumspringa


THE FACTORY PARTY: (One of our favorite locals)
""The Factory Party, After Death There Is Nothing: With their yelpy Fall vocals and cylindrical whooshes of post-Joy Division guitar, Houston quartet The Factory Party has learned the lessons of the 1980s Manchester-based record label from which it takes its name well. More encouragingly, After Death There Is Nothing makes a better-than-adequate alternative to the all-too-infrequent visits of UK bands of a more recent vintage like Kings of Leon openers/ACL Fest stunners White Lies"".
-Houston Press-


GRRRL Parts will also be playing some of your favorite tracks in between the bands to keep you moving and after the bands are done so you can keep the party goin.

J. Paul Jackson will be the art curator for the night so expect some awesome art will be for sale this night as well as t-shirts!!

Don't worry about going broke because we will be having $1.00 Lonestars and $3 wells ALL NIGHT!!!!!