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Block Party on San Antonio St behind Cream Vintage Clothing & Hole in the Wall

Featuring over 60 artists from all over the world

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For Immediate Release - See Bands Confirmed Below

(AUSTIN, TX) – This Spring Break 2010 and during the final diminishing hours of SXSW’s Music Festival, CPE is very proud to announce they are teaming up with Terra Burger, Jenn's Copy & Binding, Hot Slices, Cream Vintage Clothing Store, Hole in the Wall, Radio RnR, Ticketfly, and the UT Student Association to create an entertainment event to raise money for Yéle Haiti (www.yele.org) on the dates of March 20th & 21st, 2010 from the hours of 2pm – 10pm. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Wyclef Jean’s endorsed organization Yéle Haiti to rebuild the lives of young Haitians effected by January’s tragedy, and help them focus on their long term educational goals; whether it is the necessity of school supplies, temporary housing for classes due to the devastation of schools, or higher education goals.

The block party will consist of 6 performance stages: 3 stages inside the venue of Hole in the Wall, 1 stage behind Cream Vintage, 1 stage behind Terra Burger, and 2 stages put up on San Antonio St: behind Terra Burger and Hole in the Wall. All stages will have their own schedules and not overlap with each other for the value of quality entertainment. The block party will take place on the street behind all the shops mentioned above on Guadalupe St known as San Antonio St. The only section of the block that will be fenced in and closed off will consist of only the merchants listed above who are all directly connected to each other.

Advance tickets for the event will be available through Tickefly (www.sixtstagesovertexas.com) for two day passes, one day pass, and VIP passes.

(March 20th) – This day will consist of artist performances of international/national acts. Artist lineup will be released along with tickets February 20th at 10am.

(March 21st) – This day is considered “Texas loves Haiti” and will consist of all Texas performing artists with a stellar local Austin lineup to support the event. Artist lineup will be released along with tickets February 20th at 10am.

All advance ticket buyers will redeem their ticket vouchers at a station where they will then be given a wristband to enter the event. There will also be a will call station for last minute online ticket buyers and VIP check in. Single day wrist bands will be limited, but available day of, for purchase at the will call station.

(VIP) – VIP badge holders will be given access to the artist lounges and receive complimentary benefits courtesy of our sponsors.

As an added bonus, once the block party section of the event is over at 10pm outside, the “After Party” will continue inside Hole in the Wall with live special guest performances untill the venue closes at 2am.


(March 20th)

Stage 1 (Makers Stage)
2pm TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER! (Virgin Islands)
315pm The World's Greatest Ghosts (Portland, Or)
530pm Holiday Shores (Tallahassee, Fl)
645pm That Ghost (Sonoma County, Ca)
8pm The Fieros (Brooklyn, NY)
915pm Blue Skies for Black Hearts (Portland, Or)

Stage 2 (MODA Stage)
230pm The Points North (Boston, Ma)
445pm Madison Square Gardeners (Brooklyn, NY)
6pm Tim Easton (Houston, Tx)
715pm King of Conspiracy (Paris, France)
830pm The Glorious Veins (NY, NY)
945pm Jeremy Messersmith (Minneapolis, Mn)
1045pm Mata Leon (San Francisco, Ca)
1145pm The Dandies (Hochdorf, Lucerne, Switzerland)
1245am Mon Khmer (Brooklyn, NY)

Stage 3 (CPE HQ Inside)
2pm DJ Desta (Austin, Tx)
3pm DJ Dey One (Austin, Tx)
4pm Boy Eats Drum Machine Boy (Portland, Or)
5pm The Vitamins (Denver, Co)
6pm Red Leaves (Austin, Tx)
7pm JD Samson (Brooklyn, NY)
8pm Adam Warped (Austin, Tx)
9pm Ceeplus Bad Knives (Houston, Tx)
10pm Butcher Bear (Austin, Tx)
11pm DJ Jason SUNDSTORM (Los Angeles, Ca)
12am Kids at the Bar (Oklahoma City, Ok)
1amn Terry Mullan (Chicago, IL)

Stage 4 (Radio RnR Stage)
2pm Halves (Dublin, Ireland)
330pm Adam Warped (Austin, Tx)
415pm The Minutes (Dublin, Ireland)
545pm Adam Warped (Austin, Tx)
630pm The Hounds Below (Cumberland, Mi)

Stage 5 (UHCU Headliner Stage)
1pm Hundred Days with Sp. Gsts Blind Tactic (San Fran/Austin)
245pm City Riots (Adelaide, South Australia)
5pm Math the Band (Providence, Rhode Island)
715pm Pretty Good Dance Moves (Brooklyn, NYC / Chicago, IL)
9pm Bang Bang Eche (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Stage 6 (Ticketfly Stage)
2pm DJ Czech One
330pm Candy Claws (Fort Collins, Co)
415pm DJ Czech One
545pm Findlay Brown (London, UK)
630 DJ Czech One
8pm Dinosaur Bones (Toronto, Ontario)

(March 21st )

Stage 1 (Makers Stage)
2pm Broken Folk (Austin, Tx)
315pm Frantic Clam (Austin, Tx)
530pm The Seas (Austin, Tx)
645pm We Aim To Try (Austin, Tx)
8pm Ideal Soul Mart (Austin, Tx)
915pm Hollywood Gossip (Austin, Tx)

Stage 2 (MODA Stage)
230pm Soulution (Austin, Tx)
445pm The Blind Pets (Austin, Tx)
6pm White Rhino (Austin, Tx)
715pm Motel Aviv (Austin, Tx)
830pm Ripe (Austin, Tx)
945pm The Pons (Austin, Tx)
1045 Red Falcon (Austin, Tx)
1145 The Georgian Company (Austin, Tx)
1245am Quiet Company (Austin, Tx)

Stage 3 (CPE HQ Inside)
2pm Panchitron (Houston, Tx)
3pm DJ Dey One (Austin, Tx)
4pm DJ Christian Barbuto vs. DJ Boogie (Austin, Tx)
5pm DJ Matteo vs. Richard Henry (Austin, Tx)
6pm DJ Digg ( Austin, TX)
7pm GRRRL Parts (Houston,TX)
8pm SHOOKNITE (Austin, Tx)
9pm John Gomi (Austin, Tx)
10pm DJ Scorpio (Austin, Tx)
11pm DJ Czech One (Austin, Tx)
12am DJ Happy Happy James World (Austin, Tx)
1am Prepmode (Austin, Tx)

Stage 4 (Radio RnR Stage)
2pm The Watermarks (Houston, Tx)
330pm DJ Dey One (Austin, Tx)
415pm Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Denton, Tx)
545pm DJ Dey One (Austin, Tx)
630pm The Bright Light Social Hour

Stage 5 (UHCU Headliner Stage)
1pm Stereo is a Lie (Austin, Tx)
245pm Built By Snow (Austin, Tx)
5pm Ok Sweetheart (Denton, Tx)
715pm The Black & White Years (Austin, Tx)
9pm Sunset (Austin, Tx)

Stage 6 (Ticketfly Stage)
2pm DJ Czech One
330pm The White White Lights (Austin, Tx)
415pm DJ Czech One
545pm Whitman (Austin, Tx)
630 DJ Czech One
8pm Factory Party (Houston, Tx)

For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit http://www.ticketfly.com/.

This is a two day event and begins at 2pm and ends at 10pm. This event is 18 and up.