Drink Dance Debauchery Summer Fest After party!

Houston + Austin Dj's / Musicians / Concert-goers

Drink, Dance, Debauchery .. our unofficial Summerfest Afterparty

Some of the best, most eclectic Dj's in Houston & Austin come together to bring you one of the craziest afterparties you will attend this coming Saturday after Summerfest!!!!

GRRRL PARTS (Haters Make Us Famous, HYPE, Dance Mofo Dance), ANGIE AUDIO (Haters Make Us Famous) & RICHARD GEAR (Austin Tx.)

On the Disco Patio:
CEEPLUS DEVIANT DISCO (Reprogram Music), LEARNING SECRETS (Austin Tx), CZECH ONE (Austin Tx.) & ASHE (Music Heals.org Houston Tx.)

Drink Specials All Night!
18+ to get in / 21+ to drink

*** You can also see all of these dj's in the FANCY PANTS VIP area (STREET STAGE TENT) w/ AC, shorter drink lines etc. Saturday June 5th starting at 12pm go to http://www.freepresssummerfest.com/ and get your tickets!