KAP10KURT (NYC) - HTX 06/19

DANCE MOFO DANCE presents: HYPE! w/ KAP10KURT (NYC) at The Backroom/MINK!

**If you don't know who KAP10KURT is, then please read on.....
... he's badass... and you know we don't bring people to you who are anything less***

Originally from switzerland, he has been making music with a 4-Track cassette recorder and an Atari computer for many years before ending up with a proper studio set-upHis music draws from electro, gameboy noise, 80’s New Wave and 70’s synthesizer funk, and his trademark sound comes from using only vintage synthesizers that combine obese basslines and face-smacking drumbeats. He has released two amazing singles on Plant Music, “Mission Complete” and “Dangerseekers” which has also been featured on an uberhip Kitsune records mix compilation.

His live show combines an electronic drummer and Kurt head banging with a Roland SH 101 keytar duct-taped to a guitar strap. He also occasionally plays synths with a fine band some of you may have heard of… DEPECHE MODE, as well as works as a programmer for Dave Gahan, Moby, Cindy Lauper, and countless other cool folks.

Also with:
FUNKSHUN (Soul & Funk patio)

ART Exhibition by: ALEX NOEL & BIG MIKE (Lounge Area)
Photography Solo Exhibition by: VULTURE IMAGE (Bar Area)

$2 Kamikazes all night! $3 wells till midnight!!

21+ $10 / 18+ $12 ($5 off the cover before 10:30! doors@ 9:30pm)
3718 Main St. at Alabama